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Jun 07, 2024

Today we launched the possibility to add custom scripts to workspaces. So if you want to integrate a third-party analytics tool, or a chat widget you can do this now within the workspace settings. Find the new nav item "Third-party scripts".

Please note that we are monitoring added scripts. If you add any kind of malicious scripts, we reserve the right to remove those and may also restrict your account.

We also added an option to set tooltips in the editor, like this one. It's a small addition that was requested 4 times already so... there you go. :)

May 10, 2024

Having the possibility to add files to entries was a common request from our customers, and we're happy that v1 of this feature is now live.

File uploads for releases

Files can now be added to entries. There is currently no limit how many files can be added, but the file size is limited to 30 MB per file (that should be enough for most cases). We may increase this limit at some point.

You may also add an external url if your file is already hosted elsewhere.

If you have feedback regarding file uploads, feel free to get in touch via the in-product chat.

Hide subscribe button

Another common request was to have a way to hide / disable the "Subscribe" button. That's now a new setting within the global workspace settings (look for "Enable subscription"). It's enabled by default, so if you don't want people to subscribe to changelog updates, just disable this.

We also fixed a couple of bugs and updated the underlying software to their latest versions.

Apr 29, 2024

If you - like many of our customers - like Releases and need more than the 3 included workspaces, you probably already tried to purchase additional workspaces. Up until now, it was only possible to purchase one workspace at a time.

This was quite annoying if you wanted to purchase 5 or more and we heard you loud and clear ("that is just stupid"). 🙃 You can now purchase up to 10 workspaces at a time. If you need more, simply repeat the checkout. We hope that this is less of an annoyance.

Checkout overlay for additional workspaces
Checkout overlay for additional workspaces

Change to "Powered by" removal

In December 2023 we introduced an option to remove our "Powered by" backlink. Some were happy they could remove it, some were furious that they needed to pay for it - on a per-workspace basis.

To this day, not a single week has passed where we have not received an email or chat message stating that it is a deal breaker that this had to be purchased for every workspace. And yeah, we get it, it can add up. If you purchase 10 workspaces and 10 times the "Powered by" removal, you would have just paid over $100 (+ taxes).

We're not greedy bastards. We choose this solution because having a backlink is very important to us for reaching new potential customers. But we also don't want to scare away existing ones. We want to have a platform people like and recommend.

So, long story short: starting today, as a workspace admin (having multiple workspaces), you now only need to purchase the "Remove powered by" option once and it will automatically apply to all your workspaces.

We also fixed a handful of bugs, thanks for reporting. :)

Apr 24, 2024

Today we fixed an issue for customers using non-alphanumeric characters. The way we generated slugs did not support those characters and was not able to generate slugs. This affected entries as well as tags.

This resulted in changelogs throwing an error message in the frontend.

Apr 23, 2024

It is now possible to hide the workspace name from the "Commit" theme. This option is visible when you select the "Commit" theme in the appearance settings. 

Workspace name can be visible, or hidden
Workspace name can be visible, or hidden

Multiple teams for accounts

It is now possible to belong to more than one team. Prior to this update, an account could not be part of multiple teams, only one team.

Mar 18, 2024

Today we added the possibility to change the background color for the "Commit" theme. You may now use a color that fits your brand a little more.

Custom background color for "Commit" theme
Custom background color for "Commit" theme

We also added a couple of formatting options for the workspace intro. This allows you to set bold, italic, lists and links to the intro of your workspaces. In a future update, we may add some additional options.

Apart from that, we also fixed a few bugs and made some minor improvements to the themes.

Mar 02, 2024

This one has been requested a couple of times and we're happy to finally introduce the possibility to add subscribers via CSV import. Import via API was already possible since we launched our API last September but a more convenient way was to directly upload them via the backend.

Subscriber import via CSV or API
Subscriber import via CSV or API
Feb 10, 2024

Today we added a new endpoint to our API. It is now possible to delete subscribers. See the available API endpoints for further information.

We also plan to implement an endpoint to import articles, but it's not yet decided whether or not the current editor will be replaced by something else. It's an important decision, as the data structure differs and we don't want to implement the endpoint before we haven't explored more options.

Jan 23, 2024

A few days ago we released a small update to our widget and introduced a bug that prevented visits from being tracked. This bug is now fixed and visits via the widget should be counted again. Sorry about that.

Jan 13, 2024

We're starting this year off with a small addition, but don't worry, much more is coming.

When using our widget, people can click on the "Updates" title at the top of the widget in order to open the standalone changelog. We added an option to disable this link.

Go you the workspace settings at releasesapp.com/settings and find the section "Outgoing widget link" to disable / enable this.

Dec 01, 2023

It is now possible to update system texts that appear within themes and emails.

You can now also change the default locale per workspace. The correct locale is important for many aspects, such as SEO. Search engines use language metadata to index and display search results in the appropriate language, enhancing discoverability and relevance.

To update or translate our default texts, go to your workspace settings (releasesapp.com/settings) and find the section called "Custom texts / translations". So changelogs can be fully translated into any language.

Removing the "Powered by" backlink

Having a backlink to Releases is important for us to spread the word about our platform. But we understand that some customers don't want this "Powered by Releases" visible on their changelog and widget. And that is totally fine, of course.

We made a change today that would lock the possibility to disable the backlink freely. Starting today, the backlink can be removed for a small one-time fee. While we understand that this may frustrate some customers, we made the decision to keep this at a one-time fee. It is common practice that a "Powered by" can be removed on higher-priced plans (we don't have any) or via a monthly payment.

We hope you understand this change. If you have any questions, you may contact us directly within the platform now.

Releases backend (bottom left corner)
Releases backend (bottom left corner)
Nov 14, 2023

Today we implemented a small feature that many of our early customers asked for: Tag filter.

It is now possible to click on a tag and see all entries with that specific tag. It is currently not possible (and not planned) to combine multiple tags to filter, only one tag at a time.