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Mar 02, 2024

This one has been requested a couple of times and we're happy to finally introduce the possibility to add subscribers via CSV import. Import via API was already possible since we launched our API last September but a more convenient way was to directly upload them via the backend.

Subscriber import via CSV or API
Subscriber import via CSV or API
Feb 10, 2024

Today we added a new endpoint to our API. It is now possible to delete subscribers. See the available API endpoints for further information.

We also plan to implement an endpoint to import articles, but it's not yet decided whether or not the current editor will be replaced by something else. It's an important decision, as the data structure differs and we don't want to implement the endpoint before we haven't explored more options.

Jan 23, 2024

A few days ago we released a small update to our widget and introduced a bug that prevented visits from being tracked. This bug is now fixed and visits via the widget should be counted again. Sorry about that.

Jan 13, 2024

We're starting this year off with a small addition, but don't worry, much more is coming.

When using our widget, people can click on the "Updates" title at the top of the widget in order to open the standalone changelog. We added an option to disable this link.

Go you the workspace settings at and find the section "Outgoing widget link" to disable / enable this.

Dec 01, 2023

It is now possible to update system texts that appear within themes and emails.

You can now also change the default locale per workspace. The correct locale is important for many aspects, such as SEO. Search engines use language metadata to index and display search results in the appropriate language, enhancing discoverability and relevance.

To update or translate our default texts, go to your workspace settings ( and find the section called "Custom texts / translations". So changelogs can be fully translated into any language.

Removing the "Powered by" backlink

Having a backlink to Releases is important for us to spread the word about our platform. But we understand that some customers don't want this "Powered by Releases" visible on their changelog and widget. And that is totally fine, of course.

We made a change today that would lock the possibility to disable the backlink freely. Starting today, the backlink can be removed for a small one-time fee. While we understand that this may frustrate some customers, we made the decision to keep this at a one-time fee. It is common practice that a "Powered by" can be removed on higher-priced plans (we don't have any) or via a monthly payment.

We hope you understand this change. If you have any questions, you may contact us directly within the platform now.

Releases backend (bottom left corner)
Releases backend (bottom left corner)
Nov 14, 2023

Today we implemented a small feature that many of our early customers asked for: Tag filter.

It is now possible to click on a tag and see all entries with that specific tag. It is currently not possible (and not planned) to combine multiple tags to filter, only one tag at a time.

Oct 31, 2023

Today we shipped a small addition to our themes: Search

As you probably can guess, you can now search for posts. For now, it's only possible to search for a title of a post, so no full-text search yet. We will monitor search usage and determine if we need to extend to a full-text search and maybe optimize it further.

Oct 28, 2023

Today we fixed a small bug that was preventing some users to login with either their Google or GitHub account. An error occurred when someone previously signed up via either service and then tried to authenticate with the other service.

Apologies to those who were impacted by this issue.

Oct 27, 2023

Starting today, you can optionally show an unread updates badge when using our widget. This is usually a red dot placed near a bell icon or something similar - you've probably seen that before.

We updated our setup instructions that can be found in the widget settings. You can also check our help center article in case someone with no access to the backend needs to know how to add this badge.

The styling is totally up to you, we do not add any styling at all. Here is an example how the dot could look like with Tailwind CSS classes.

Oct 22, 2023

Today we fixed a small bug that would prevent the use of bold, italic etc formatting within lists. This is now possible.

New embed feature

We also added a new feature for embedding content. Just paste a link to an external resource and we'll try to show it inline. Supported services include YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), CodePen and GitHub Gist.

Oct 16, 2023

Want to keep track of subscribers and team signups via webhook? Well now you can. Today we added the possibility to get a POST webhook notification whenever someone subscribes or unsubscribes to your changelog. You will also be notified when someone joins your team, in addition to an email notification.

Email notifications for team signups can now optionally be disabled, but we suggest to keep them enabled.

Webhook notifications are automatically enabled once you add a valid endpoint to your workspace settings. To learn more about handling webhook requests, check out our help article.

Oct 10, 2023

"I need multiple workspaces" was something we heard a few times the past couple of weeks – mostly from our beta testers. Fair enough. This was something we had planned to build anyway, so we moved it up the todo list.

Additional workspaces are now available. Each account (except team member accounts) can create up to 3 workspaces by default. If more than 3 workspaces are needed, additional ones are available via a one-time payment of €5 (~ $5.30).

Workspace logo in backend

We also added the custom workspace logo to the backend view, if one was uploaded. This will replace our default "Releases" logo with the one from your own changelog. Dark mode and light mode versions are respected, if both were uploaded.

Logo view in backend
Logo view in backend